50 young talentsTM

Bringing 50 mentors and 50 prodigies together

50 Young Talents initiative brings 50 mentors and 50 prodigies together in a unique full-year talent supporting program. It focuses on talents under the age of thirty who, thanks to their exceptional gifts and diligence, may become key personalities in shaping the future.
Launch of 50 Young Talents program, call for nomination.
02 - 05
Pre-selection and jurying of candidates based on the online evaluation system; Mentor-Mentee pre-work and commitment.
50 Young Talents gala event and introduction of prodigies.
06 - 12
Mentoring program and full-scale communication roll-out

unique and credible

Why is it unique and credible?

Introduct and support – providing prodigies with effective support from media and renowned professional experts
Transparent and credible – clear KPIs including TalentIndexTM developed to evaluate talents in their field of activity
Highly distinguished and prestigious mentors from the field of art, science and business
Established mentor & mentee collaboration – knowledge transfer between mentors & mentees in a high-quality program frame
Full digital background – from the nomination phase to the jury system all phases are supported with specific online tools developed for the program

our future vision

We will launch 50 Young Talents program across Europe!

We are ready to launch 50 Young Talents program across Europe! 50 Young Talents IP and distribution rights owner, Silver Kiadó Kft. (Hungary) will involve local promoters across EU countries. Local promoters will have the rights and roadmap to organize 50 Young Talents program in their countries with professional support and know-how. 50 Young Talents initiative is not only an effective platform to support young talents, but also generates great PR and communication value for your organization.

true stories

Let us introduce you to some outstanding talents…

Viktor Huszár
Inventing the future of sport
He is the one to have bent the plane, thus making new three-dimensional contingencies available. The final outcome is what we now call Teqball. As genuine sports fanatic and engineering graduate, Mr. Viktor Huszár, who is also the head of the football club of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics has renewed, or, better, re-invented a ball game.
Gergely Tóth-Vajna
Switching roles
A pediatrician and musician at the same time. However, these are parallels do not meet in the infinite but in one life. This is how we introduced Gergely Vajna-Tóth one year ago.
Veronika Magyarné Fekete
A day-dreaming realist
The once amateur confectioner-cum- police officer has become owner and editor-in-chief of Cake Decorating Magazine and a trained pastry cook. She has won a selection of medals in international competitions. She finds it an honour to be have been invited to be a judge in such contests.
Bertalan Meskó MD, PhD
A 21st century evangelist
Last year he became member of the Future Studies Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences admitted as medical futurist. Thus the existence of a new discipline has been acknowledged by the renowned scientists, and its founding father is only 31 years old.
Zoltán Kutasi
From australia to south africa in a solar powered car
As a technical college student he took part in constructing an Otto-engine car which came second in the energy-saving vehicles’ race. Students today construct solar cars under his technical supervision
Lilla Garay
World-conquering ambitions
There are no borders for Lilla Garay and there are no distances which could separate her from others. This is why she is determined no language should hold her back. She speaks many languages, her thirst for knowledge is unquenchable... and none of these has changed over the last year.
Júlia Gyulai
A dream come true
Without 50 Young Talents program has given me enormous social and professional support without which I would be less confident today
István Lám
Market leader in encryption
He started a new research project in 2009, dealing with shared file systems’ cryptographic rights management. First he did an award-winning Scientific Students Association’s dissertation, then he copyrighted his findings, nationally in 2011 and internationally in 2012.


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